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Welcome to Golden Environmental Services  

In collaboration with engineers and stakeholders we develop a remediation plan that best suits your needs.  As remediation technicians and contractors we have a wide range of products and services.


We offer an array of chemical oxidation, bio-remedial and injection options that are suitable for in-situ or ex-situ applications.  


Along with our mould remediation, asbestos sealing and building restoration services, Golden Environmental  is your complete remediation go to.  

New to Remediation?

Watch our Introduction To Remediation presentation.

Introducing New Technical Partnership with:

Golden Environmental and SCG Industries have formed a technical partnership to bring you Golden's proven remediation technology and SCG's subsurface investigation and drilling capabilities.

To see the complete line of SCG Industries subsurface investigation and drilling equipment, see or click their logo  above.

Golden Environmental walks the client step by step through the remediation process.  Requirements and options are fully explored and communicated resulting in the best plan specific to your site.

At all stages of the remediation process, Golden Environmental Services is there to provide the data you need for peace of mind.  


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